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How to Recycle Old Workwear

As a business, it is important to have workwear that is fit for purpose and in good condition but even when you have no further use for old workwear, there are ways that you can recycle the workwear and help to save the planet or help others who need the workwear.

If you are disposing of workwear on behalf of a business, it is even more important to find a responsible way of disposing of the workwear and reduce landfills by not throwing them into the waste.

There are a few different options for what to do with workwear once you no longer require it and it will mostly depend on the condition it is in. These are some of the available options:


Donating to charities

If the workwear is still in good condition, donating to a relevant charity is the most environmentally friendly solution. If you are recycling corporate wear, several charities collect clothes that can be hired out for interviews, or charities that provide workwear for people who cannot afford to buy their own.

Workwear that is simply the wrong size or has never been used and is unlikely to be used again is perfect for donating to charities that will ensure that they can get re-used by someone who needs them.

Clothing banks

There is a good selection of clothing banks now set up, such as The Salvation Army who will review all of the items donated and decide whether to re-sell, re-use or recycle depending on the condition. Any sales profits go towards The Salvation Army charity. You can easily find donation banks at places like local supermarkets.

As well as UK charities that will collect clothes, there are also charities that will collect clothing to send to areas of poverty around the world, such as Change 1’s Life who send clothes to Africa.


Another way to make good use of old clothing is to re-purpose it into something else that can be of use. For example, t-shirts can be cut up and used as rags for cleaning or used for things such as noise-reducing insulation. Some companies will take clothes and re-purpose them, they can even make things like blankets for the homeless out of old workwear.

Replacing your old workwear improves health and safety and ensures that your team looks as professional as possible, wearing smart new workwear but you can also make a big difference to people in need by recycling old workwear.

Shop at for top quality workwear that will ensure your employees are working comfortably and safely in their new work clothing. Our huge range of workwear includes everything from smart hospitality polos to flame-resistant coveralls.

Visit the online shop to find workwear for your team.

Written by Beccayellow at 26/10/2021

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