High Visibility Clothing: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

High visibility clothing is now right up at the top of our shopping lists, especially for those of us who have children or who work outdoors on a regular basis. When we take the kids to school in the mornings, we quite often do so in the darker, colder, wetter months of the year. The light plays tricks, making people and objects difficult to see. Fog, rain and low sun are common contributing factors to accidents occurring around schools involving pedestrians and road users. Many drivers are unable to stop in time because they simply haven’t seen a child or their parents step onto the road. By wearing hi vis clothing you lower the risk of that kind of accident occurring by making yourself significantly more visible to road users. Their headlights or the streetlights will reflect off the tape and strips on the clothing so that the wearer can be seen from more than 150 metres away. This allows plenty of time for a driver to step on the brake pedal and to stop an accident from occurrint kg. All building sites require workers to wear differeninds of high visibility clothing, with items ranging from trousers and jackets when it’s cold, to t-shirts when the weather warms up. They do so as a legal requirement to meet health and safety regulations and to protect their workers from accidents occurring when the operatives of heavy machinery, such as diggers, cannot see them on the site.

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