The Need for Quality, But Cheap Hi Vis Workwear

As we have seen, a high visibility garment, like a vest, shirt, or jacket, is something you will want to ensure you have for numerous situations. However, you don’t want to pay too much for one either. Essentially, it has to be cost-efficient, yet safe; particularly if you are buying in bulk. A good way of determining the quality of hi vis workwear is to look out for certain labels. One such label reads ‘EN471’. In Britain, it is known as the BS EN471 – this is the British, and European, Standard for quality and ensures you that you are getting hi vis clothing that will work. There should also be a CE mark alongside an identification of the class of the garment. It is no use getting an American garment as it will not be counted as PPE due to different standards. That’s why our team at The Site Supply Company Limited can provide you with this information. All of our produce is fully certified to BS EN471 standard and we also detail the class of each garment. You can even filter options to only show specific classes or certificates; or even just to show specific colours or brands – meaning that whatever you buy, you can rest easy in knowing that your purchase will conform to the law. And all at a fantastic price. You can get cheap hi vis workwear vests from as low as 89p (plus VAT) and jackets from £10.99 (plus VAT). We also offer bulk purchasing discounts to ensure you get a better deal when you buy bulk. You will get cheap hi vis workwear, and it will be quality guaranteed.