Helmets and Kids High Vis Vests: Essential Cycle Safety Equipment

Thousands of children cycle to school on a regular basis and while schools and parents do everything they can to ensure that the children stay as safe as possible, while riding they can’t account for road users who are simply unable to see them. Children on bikes regularly have wobbles and are not as comfortable as adults. They tend to swerve across the road, putting them at significant risk of being in an accident. By wearing kids high vis vests they at least stand out in the dim light riding to and from school each day. And, when helmets and other safety equipment accompany kids high vis vests, they will be more visible to other road users and safer on the whole. Helmets have been a key piece of equipment for children cycling to school for some time now. Many schools have made them compulsory for pupils who ride to school in an attempt to improve safety on the roads. In addition, parents could buy their children other safety equipment aside from hi vis clothing, such as kneepads, so that they are fully protected on their legs. They could even add a bell to their handlebars so that they can alert other road users and pedestrians to their presence, which could be key if people are about to step out between two parked vehicles. There are many ways to improve cycle safety like wearing a high vis vest and, needless to say, they should all be considered.