Setting The Standard With Workwear Hi Vis Gear

But many will agree that the moral obligation to safety is more than enough reason to use hi vis workwear – no-one wants to put the livelihoods of their employees or fellow employees in danger intentionally. As workers and citizens within this world, we also have an obligation towards the safety of others who are not employees within industries fraught with danger. A terrific example was set in 2013 when South Tyneside Homes, a company that was carrying out home improvements to 520 homes on an estate, promoted a culture of safety on-site by handing over workwear hi vis garments to primary school children on the estate in Jarrow. By doing this, South Tyneside Homes showed a level of responsibility that went beyond their own workers by giving out hi vis clothing. It involved a social obligation towards the lives of children who were living at the location and who would be walking home amongst the work going on in the estate – which included rewiring and new heating systems being fitted. This teaches these youngsters to engage with safety and it also keeps them safer from traffic while they are out and about. Other initiatives similar to this have also occurred including a donation by Specsavers of 100 workwear hi vis vests to a school in Tring to help the children remain visible to drivers during the darker months. Safety doesn’t need to be for the sake of following rules – it can have a positive effect on the world.