When To Buy Multiple High Visibility Workwear Garments

Despite its wide usage, hi vis clothing is only as effective as the environment that it is used in. This is an important consideration as, for example, if you were using orange high visibility workwear in a factory where a lot of the pipes are bright orange, this would perhaps not be the best colour to use. Essentially, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ high visibility workwear – it is entirely dependent on the situation. Therefore, multiple garments of different descriptions and different colours are needed. There are also other considerations such as the lighting conditions, the time of day that the work is taking place and, as has been previously stated, the need to differentiate some employees from others. At night time, the sources of light may not be able to pick up the retroreflective strips and emit them back to the driver of a car. So how do you get around such a situation? Findings from the Australasian College of Road Safety showed that the usage of reflective markers around the knees or the ankles were extremely effective at night. The reason for this is because the moving parts of a body stand out far more in the main beam of a car headlight than any reflective strip would on the body. So a moving reflective strip is far more noticeable in any low light situation. It also increases the chances of reflecting the light as it constantly changes the angle in relation to any artificial lighting. So keep in mind that you may need multiple hi vis workwear garments.