Are High Visibility Shorts Effective?

There are lots of opinions thrown around when it comes to safety and the numerous health and safety guidelines we have in the United Kingdom. People have differing views about the best way to protect their employees and so on and so forth. Yet, we all agree that a safe working environment is a must. There are people who think that it would be a good idea to make high visibility shorts, shirts and jackets compulsory for those working with tools and machinery. Many individuals feel the same about gloves and goggles too. Whichever side of the argument you fall on, one thing is for certain, the number of accidents have reduced since stronger regulations were brought in, with hi vis clothing such as vests, shirts, and shorts at the heart of that. In the winter months, they help to keep people working outdoors visible to other road users and people in the immediate vicinity, and they help to keep them warm and dry at the same time. In the summer months, when we do actually get a rare warm, dry day; high visibility shorts can be worn instead, which allow people to stay comfortable and visible at the same time. It’s a view among many, however, that these shorts compromise visibility because they don’t cover the whole of the leg. However, the argument in favour of high visibility clothing, is that high vis shorts are still significantly more visible and protective than wearing any normal pair of shorts.