Hi Vis Clothing – The Ultimate Guide

Hi vis clothing is an essential in the modern day. From construction workers to those that work at the airport, there are many different industries where it is vital for workers to stand out for safety purposes. Many employers need to enforce a workwear policy to ensure they are complying with the legislations in place. Failure to do this could result in your employees being at a significant risk. If an accident were to happen, you would be liable for the blame. There is a lot that needs to be considered when choosing high visibility clothes for your workers, as you will soon discover. There are three classes of warning clothing that have been specified – Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3, with the latter being the highest quality. Class 3 categorises clothing that offers the greatest conspicuity against most rural and urban backgrounds. This merely scratches the surface of the factors you are going to have to consider and ensuring all employees wear high visibility workwear is only the first step in the process. For example, if one of your employees is wearing a hi vis vest and it is covered in dirt, this is going to have a detrimental impact on the overall visibility of the garment. Therefore, you should render this uniform unfit for purpose because of the condition and you should make sure that the worker washes the dirt off before he continues with his duties. This can be difficult in environments where workers get dirty easily by the very nature of their job. However, it’s imperative to be safe rather than sorry.

How Hi Vis Workwear Works

First and foremost, it is vital to get a good understanding of how hi vis workwear works. Hi vis clothing is created using fluorescent material, which has added reflective shapes or tape. During the daytime, the UV rays from the sun will react with the fluorescent material, which causes them to have a glow. This increases visibility to make the wearer standout. In poor light conditions, such as foggy weather, the impact is stronger, which enhances safety for the person that is wearing the hi vis workwear. But, what about at night? Well, alternative light sources will create the same effect. For example, car headlights will shine against the workwear, causing it to have a glowing appearance. There are, of course, different types of high visibility protective clothing for you to choose from. Therefore, not all garments work in this way. There are some that feature retro reflective materials. This means that the light will bounce back to the source when it shines off the clothing. This can be beneficial in certain instances. For example, if a car is driving towards someone and they are wearing retro reflective clothing, the headlights will cause the workwear to glow and the light will reflect back at the driver. This will ensure that the driver is alerted of the person in front of the car. Another type of material that is used in reflecting clothing is glass bead technology. With this type of high visibility garments, the light is not directed in one place, rather the technology scatters the light.

The Personal Protective Equipment At Work Regulations On Hi Vis Shirts And More

Hi vis shirts and other forms of hi vis clothing are regulated in the 1992 Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations. In this legislation, it states that there are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the correct high visibility garments for your employees. The first factor you need to take into account is whether the clothing is suitable for the risk. You need to consider the artificial and ambient lighting conditions in your working environment when looking at this factor. This is to guarantee that the clothing is a colour that will ensure the wearer to stand out against the backdrop of their workplace. A general rule is that the darker the lighting conditions are, the greater amount of high visibility is required. After this, you need to consider whether the clothing is suitable for the job and the wearer. For instance, loose fitting hi vis shirts may not be ideal for people working in warehouses. You also need to make sure the wearer feels comfortable and that the clothing fits them correctly. Aside from the points that have been mentioned, you need to consider whether there are any standards that need to be met and you should also make certain that the workwear is compatible with other forms of Personal Protective Equipment. Last but not least, it is vital to stress that it is your responsibility as an employer to provide high visibility protective clothing and you need to do so free of charge.

High Visibility Clothing And Its Impact In The UK

High visibility clothing has had a monumental impact in the United Kingdom. Since it was introduced, more or less five decades ago, this form of safety workwear and protective clothing can be seen virtually everywhere, from construction sites to school crossings and more. It is a testament to the success of high visibility clothing and the many benefits it presents. As mentioned in this post, this form of workwear ensures that workers are highly visible at all times, which increases their safety substantially. Nowadays, this form of protective clothing is also available at low prices, which is vital because it means that all employers are able to afford it and that the need to supply high visibility workwear does not drain their finances. This is why you see high visibility garments worn in an abundance of industries, not just those that are associated with hazardous occupations. Nowadays everyone from car park attendants to cyclists wear this form of clothing. In the UK, sales of hi vis items have increased as the years have gone on and many more uses are being found for this type of clothing. For instance, Kent County Council promoted the use of HV clothing for children whilst they walk to school together. From making thousands of jobs much safer to reducing traffic, there is no denying that the hi vis industry has had an extremely powerful and positive impact in the UK.

Advice On PPE Equipment

High visibility workwear is just a small proportion of an employer’s responsibility when it comes to PPE Equipment (Personal Protective Equipment). PPE covers any form of equipment that is designed to protect the user against health and safety risks. Aside from high visibility garments, it covers everything from respiratory protective equipment, to safety footwear, to eye protection, to gloves and much, much more. It is your duty to ensure that all of your employees have the right Personal Protective Equipment. If you don’t, you could find yourself in very deep waters. PPE equipment should not be seen as the solution to all the problems concerning safety at work. It should be the last step in a long process. You need to begin by implementing safe systems and engineering controls to guarantee that the working environment is as safe as possible. Once you have done this, it is likely that you will still need to implement some form of PPE in order to protect your employees, and of course you need to make sure you do so. Choosing your equipment carefully is of paramount importance. To find the right equipment for your employees, think about what they are exposed to and for how long. Choose equipment that suits the wearer and make sure they are CE marked in accordance with the regulations that are in place. You will need to instruct all employees on how to use and wear the equipment you have provided them with effectively.

Workwear Clothing For The Construction Industry

One industry where hi vis workwear clothing is prominent is in the construction industry. In fact, this is a sector where workwear selection is of huge importance. After all, it is an industry that poses many more risks and dangers to other less dangerous businesses. Protective workwear clothing is imperative if you are to ensure that an employee is protected from cuts and abrasions and at the same time also making certain that they keep contaminants off their skin. Comfort is an attribute that should not be overlooked. A lot of people have the tendency to disregard comfort, especially if they are purchasing workwear garments for someone else. However, if an individual does not feel comfortable in what they are wearing, they aren’t going to be safe and at the same time they might not perform their duties to the full extent of their abilities. For example, if the workwear you have bought for an employee does not fit them properly, then they are going to be unable to do their job effectively, as it will impede their ability to move easily and efficiently. This could lead to a costly and potentially lethal mistake. All construction companies are not the same. Therefore, in order to determine what workwear is going to be right for your company you need to assess the potential risks and thus shop for items that are designed to provide protection from the hazards you have pinpointed. Remember, if you work in an environment with a dark or foggy backdrop, your high visibility requirements increase.

The Importance Of High Visibility Jackets

The construction industry is not the only industry where the importance of high visibility jackets is recognised. Nowadays, there is an abundance of workplaces where this type of clothing is deemed a necessity. Aside from construction sites, this includes the likes of factories, warehouses, transport companies and roadwork businesses, to name a mere few. You should never allow standards to slip. If you see an employee who is not wearing their hi vis clothing, make sure you enforce them to do so. Injuries, and sometimes even death, can occur when people do not protect themselves with high visibility workwear. Let’s say someone is driving a lorry or a forklift in dull and foggy conditions and another worker is not wearing their high visibility garment. It is a very high possibility that the operator of heavy machinery will not see the worker. This is why wearing high visibility jackets and other garments is compelled by laws and regulations. If your work environment is very dark or you are subject to adverse weather conditions, you really cannot afford to cut corners or take risks when it comes to this side of your business. Not only do you need to ensure you purchase the best high vis clothing, but choose a retailer with a great amount of care as well. After all, you need to adhere to PPE regulations and other standards and a quality company will have the experience to help you choose the right workwear for your needs specifically.

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