Facts About High Visibility Clothing UK

Say what you like about health and safety regulations in the UK, you cannot deny that every single one of us places our own safety and that of our friends and family at paramount levels of importance, whatever we’re doing. Whether we’re working on a building site or taking the children to school, millions of us each day wear high visibility clothing UK to keep us visible to others in the dark, rainy conditions. By wearing different kinds of high visibility clothing UK, we reduce the risk of accidents occurring significantly, with experts believing that wearing high visibility clothing, such as a high vis jacket or high visibility vests can make us visible from up to 160 metres away. This provides peace of mind, especially when we have our children with us on the way to school. It is believed that people wearing everyday clothing like smart winter coats and jeans are 70 per cent less visible in the winter months compared to those who wear reflective clothing. When you are talking about children on their way to and from school this is a worrying statistic. While many adopt the “it will never happen to me” approach, they are actually putting themselves and their children at risk because it only takes one bag to be dropped off the path on the walk to school and an accident can happen. Wearing hi vis clothing will not fully prevent an accident from occurring but it will reduce the risk significantly.