Do Kids Hi Vis Vests Make the School Run Safer?

Getting the kids ready for school in the mornings is difficult enough, with showers to be had, teeth to brush, breakfast to eat, lunch to make and clothes to put on – and that is before we even think about our own day. So, you may think that having to consider kids hi vis vest is another headache. However, it’s worth another small addition to your morning to-do list. This is the kind of thing that is worthwhile if you want to ensure that the journey to and from school is done safely. The statistics regarding road accidents do not make pretty reading. They show that road safety initiatives are needed. For that reason alone, many parents have been prompted to add kids hi vis vests to their shopping lists ahead of the new term, making sure that their children are as visible as possible in the dim light and harsh weather conditions. Over the years, hi vis clothing has improved dramatically. Research states that those wearing a high vis vest can be seen from as much as 160 metres away. Many companies are now giving them pride of place among their range of items, to encourage parents, children, schools and those working in outdoor environments to buy them so they can make themselves as safe as they possibly can to reduce the number of accidents which happen on roads around schools in the UK.