The Arguments For Having Hi Vis Vests Printed

Hi vis clothing is not only being talked about more and more because of the number of accidents happening around the school gates, but also because the incidents occurring on the likes of building sites is still alarmingly high. These accidents could be avoided if people were more visible to road users and machine operatives, and of course if drivers paid more attention to their surroundings and drove more safely. When it comes to schools, some people have suggested that hi vis shirts should be worn while others have called for having hi vis vest printed and handed out to pupils and their parents to help them to be seen. Some have argued that this notion is fine during the dark winter months, but irrelevant in the summertime because the light is much better and it is the drivers who need to change their ways, not the pedestrians. But do you really want to put yours and your child’s safety in someone else’s hands? Having hi vis vests printed with the school logo or with a message for other pedestrians and road users is highly beneficial. It encourages pupils and their parents to give the roads their full care and attention. By making themselves more visible to road users with a high vis vest, people are likely to be involved in incidents. When drivers see the vests they are much more likely to slow down and drive more carefully.