Feeling Safe and Suave In Hi Vis Work Wear

Fashion expert and former presenter of the UK version of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Julian Bennett, has talked about how hi vis workwear isn’t fashionable and is purely about staying safe. However, there has been a bit of a fight back to this image perception. St Mary’s Catholic School in Maidenhead took up a ‘bright’ scheme to get school kids to use hi vis work wear. Pupils were being singled out for being made to wear a high visibility jacket by their parents. The school introduced a high visibility backpack that could be used by all pupils and can be seen from quite a distance by making the school’s logo with reflective material. At The Site Supply Company Limited, we also believe there are novel ways to wear hi vis clothing and still be fashionable. We offer a number of hi vis work wear printed vests for fans of English Premier League football. How about our ‘I’d rather be watching Man United’ product? We also sell some very happy hi vis smiley self-adhesive stickers for a few pounds that can be stuck to flat surfaces to both cheer you up and make something visible. And we also offer hi vis draw string bags at bulk rates of £1.99 per unit. As for school bags? We’re completely on-board. We have yellow high visibility school bags for just £3.00. It gives you that piece of mind about the safety of your children who will be more visible; whilst giving them an immense school bag that will make their pals jealous!