High Visibility Jackets: The 3 Main Benefits

High visibility jackets have received a lot of praise in recent years, especially with the number of road safety initiatives that are now in place. They are particularly effective around schools, but are also now being rolled out across entire towns and cities in the United Kingdom, as local councils attempt to reduce the number of accidents that occur. While it could be said that high visibility jackets cannot eradicate road traffic accidents completely, they do contribute to the numerous reductions being reported by local councils. They have three main benefits that appeal to the wearers. The first is that they help them to be more visible to other road users and to people working on construction sites or out on the roads or railways, particularly those operating or driving heavy machinery. The dark, wet conditions that many outdoor workers experience have the potential to reduce visibility by almost 75 per cent, but by wearing hi vis clothing people stand a much greater chance of being seen. A second benefit is that the majority of hi vis garments are waterproof, meaning that outdoor workers don’t get to the end of their shift having to change all of their clothes. This has its own benefit in a sense that it reduces the chance of people getting ill having worn damp clothing all day. The third benefit is that these high visibility jackets provide significant insulation, keeping the wearer much warmer while doing their jobs.

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