Why Sales of Childrens Hi Vis Vests Have Boomed

School teachers, governors, parents and children have become much more focussed on the safety issues surrounding the journey to and from school each day. Over the past few years the number of children and their parents who have been hit by cars while on their way to school has risen dramatically. As an attempt to counter this, various initiatives have been put into place, including Road Safety Week. Parents and guardians are encouraged to buy childrens hi vis vest and an adult high vis vest for themselves. This is to make sure that they are doing everything they can to remain visible to drivers, especially through the darker winter months when visibility is reduced due to the weather conditions and poorer light. The Brake Safety Campaign and tyre manufacturers in Bridgestone have both called for more childrens hi vis vests – and hi vis clothing in general – to be worn, even when the weather is at its best. They are attempting to do everything they can to reduce the number of accidents around schools, as a study from Bridgestone revealed that around half of the 1,000 adults questioned had either been involved in or witnessed an accident involving a car and at least one pedestrian near a school. In addition to the Hi Vis vests that children are being encouraged to wear, there have also been calls for reflective strips to be worn on trousers or coats to further increase visibility, and for the tyre tread limit to be increased. This is so that drivers pay more attention to the condition of their tyres so that they can stop quicker in emergencies.