When Technology and Safety Combine: Introducing Battery-Powered Hi Vis Boilersuits

Technology is everywhere these days. We now have mobile phones that allow us to send emails, update our Facebook statuses, do our shopping or even set our televisions to record something we might miss because we’ve been stuck in traffic. There are even moves to incorporate similar technologies into our fridges so that we know when the contents are about to go off! While some people believe that there is too much technology around and that a lot of devices are just gimmicks, others think it has a place and when the technology is there, we should use it. Hi vis boilersuits might not sound like the kind of thing that needs technology, but in actual fact some industries have already put in orders for high visibility jackets, boilersuits and other items which use battery power. These items use the technology to enhance the range of the reflection, with some battery powered hi vis boilersuits able to be seen from 1.5 miles away in complete darkness. It has been proven that some hi vis clothing can lose as much as 70 per cent of its visibility in really poor weather conditions, but with the new battery power that won’t be a problem – it even lasts for around 15 hours and will last for around 25 washes. This will prove to be highly beneficial for those working on the railways or motorways overnight.