Danish Study Proves The Worth Of Wearing A Hi Vis T Shirt

The popularity of hi vis shirts is no coincidence. They present many benefits when it comes to safety and this is something that has been proved by a Danish study. The project involved 6,800 people, half of whom wore a hi vis jacket and the other half did not wear any hi vis clothing at all. It took place over a year and was conducted by researchers from Denmark’s Aalborg University. Throughout the twelve-month period all cyclists were asked to record any personal injury incidents that they were involved in. Once the period was over, the researchers collected the data and compared the recordings of those who had worn a hi vis garment against those that hadn’t. They discovered that the group wearing the jackets had reported 48 per cent fewer incidents involving vehicles and 38 per cent fewer involving other road users. The conclusions were obvious: that you should certainly wear a hi vis t shirt or jacket if you want to increase your visibility, as it will reduce the risk of an accident when cycling substantially. Common sense dictates that there are advantages in wearing a hi vis t shirt or jacket whenever you’re out and about in the dark or in low visibility, whether you are a cyclist or a pedestrian. You can see directly that this will improve your safety. Yet, this type of clothing provides benefits for people other than cyclists, as you will discover next.