The Understated Importance Of Hi Vis Workwear Trousers

While you probably have the temptation to just go for the cheap, yet quality, vests on our site, we also encourage you to think about other hi vis workwear that could further benefit the safety of yourself or those around you. Our police forces in the UK use high quality, high vis jackets which have stripes that outline the basic shape of a person. And haven’t you wondered why road workers’ orange hi vis workwear trousers and tops can look so bright during dusk and dawn? The answer is that the more chance of you being recognised as a human, the better chance you have of staying safe. Special molecules in fluorescent material absorbs light, such as ultra-violet, and emits it back in a longer wavelength that is far more noticeable to our eyes. So having more than just a vest on can help. This could be a vest combined with hi vis workwear trousers or even a boilersuit. The more fluorescent and retroreflective materials that are on a person, the higher the chance that they will be recognised as a human. This ensures maximum visibility and maximum safety. We do all of these combinations at The Site Supply Company Limited. We can even get your logo embroidered on them too for a small cost (bulk discount also available), to ensure that you get a great deal. We have a catalogue of PPE options aside from hi vis clothing – which also include head protection, hand protection and safety footwear.