Need Your High Visibility Vest Personalised? Then Look No Further!

You can get your high visibility vest personalised at The Site Supply Company Limited. But aside from that, we stock an extensive range of workwear attire that can also be personalised for your business needs. Our Hi Vis clothes include fleece jackets, bomber jackets, parka jackets, polo shirts, shorts and even bags. The type of garments that are used in a workplace will be determined by the lighting that is available in the area and conditions such as snow, rain or fog. There are certain workplaces that contain hazards and employees are required to wear hi vis clothing to ensure that they remain safe. In workplaces such as factories and warehouses, it is vital to wear high visibility vests, trousers and other workwear for your safety. However, other products may also be needed – such as disposable hairnets and flame retardant (FR) boots. This clothing will aid employees from dangerous chemical and biological hazards, as well as static electricity. It can also help protect your body, or the body of your employees, from adverse environments and temperatures – such as heat from fire. Accidents at work, such as a person being struck by a reversing lorry or digger, can be avoided if the person is visible. Some jobs only require a Hi Vis jacket to be worn, but others may require full body reflective kit or even a helmet and safety boots to protect the feet. So whether you are looking for a high visibility vest personalised with your company logo or name; or a ladies Hi Vis cycle jacket that’s stylish and safe, we stock them all at The Site Supply Company Limited.