Wearing Safety Helmets UK Could Save Your Life

As stated, every year numerous workers are affected by head injuries. Wearing safety helmets UK has hugely decreased the risk of being injured or even killed when a head injury or accident occurs. The Health and Safety Executive strongly believes that PPE equipment should be the last line of defence: other measures must be put into place first. This is to ensure that the workplace is, as far as possible, a safe environment for employees. An example of this is in the construction industry, where toe boards and brick guards are utilised to stop materials falling off from scaffolding projects. Nonetheless, safety equipment is vitally important and in 1989, the HSE issued a regulation making it mandatory for those working in the construction industry to wear safety helmets UK along with safety footwear UK and other hi vis clothing when on a building site. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that guidance is given to make it easier for employees to understand what PPE they should be wearing at any time. Safety helmets are produced in various designs and sizes; and for different uses. Each employee should be fitted with the correct shell-size and be taught how to adjust the headband to fit. Lending the helmet to others is forbidden. Safety guidelines are also in place to ensure helmets are kept in good condition: storing them correctly and not leaving them in direct sunlight, for instance, as these conditions can weaken the shell. The sweatbands inside the safety helmets should be checked and regularly cleaned as well.