How Hi Vis Body Warmers Help to Keep Cyclists Safe

Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies in the United Kingdom, with millions of people regularly venturing out on their bikes either recreationally at the weekends or daily on their way to and from work. Unfortunately, cyclists are among the most vulnerable on British roads because they often wear dark clothing and ride dark coloured bikes at times of day when the conditions may not be the best and, as such, other road users can’t spot them in time to avoid them. However, by wearing hi vis body warmers and other items of protective clothing they increase their visibility, which makes them much safer. Now road safety partnerships are calling for cyclists to wear clothing like high visibility jackets as a matter of priority, just like their cycling helmets. Some cyclists wear very little protective clothing because they feel that it causes aerodynamic drag, which slows them down and makes them have to work harder while out on their rides. Instead of wearing hi vis shirts they choose bright coloured Lycra clothing which is more aerodynamic. By wearing hi vis body warmers or shirts they are much safer. It really is not worth risking your safety. Plus, hi vis clothing will not actually cause any detriment to your cycling. Huge technological advancements have been made and garments are constructed with the user and ultimate comfort and movability in mind.