Yellow And Blue High Visibility Vest Becomes More Popular

Generally, blue is not a very effective colour for fluorescent products and accessories, as its wavelength is not so good at emitting light. This means that the human eye struggles to see blue as well as other bright colours. So the blue high visibility vest is usually sold as a novelty item, as it does not conform to British Standards at PPE equipment suppliers. However, the combination of a yellow and blue high visibility vest with yellow trousers is becoming more and more popular, in fact it is even worn by the police. Why? Because, to the eye, these two colours contrast with each other. By having these two colours placed against one another, it makes them extremely noticeable and effective. Combined with retroreflective stripes, it can be an extremely effective package, which will only set you back by a couple of ten-pound notes. Many yellow and blue high visibility vests can pass European standards. But hi vis clothing comes in all sorts of colours, such as orange, green, yellow, pink and red. For example, people working as road sweepers and postal workers wear the orange and yellow high visibility coverall. Fluorescent colours can work well in rainy or dull weather and they absorb and emit differing kinds of light. So a combination of all these colours can not only look rather dashing, but can also ensure practicality while conforming to safety standards.