Why Would I Want A Personalised High Visibility Vest?

Some businesses and individuals require a personalised high visibility vest to be worn as workwear. It may be a requirement so that certain workers, such as a foreperson, are more readily recognisable over other workers that they are supervising. This can be done by using different coloured fluorescent jackets and trousers or it could be done by getting personalised text on the workwear that says ‘Site Supervisor’ or ‘Manager’. However, there is a far more business-orientated reason why you may want to invest in a personalised high visibility vest: brand identity. By personalising this hi vis clothing, including accessories such as high visibility vests, trousers, leggings, coverall workwear or jackets, you are separating yourself from any other competitors who may also wear a Hi Vis kit. It sends a message to any customers: you are not just, for example, a construction company – you are a professional construction company with a name. And that name on the jacket or trousers could be remembered and passed onto others who require work. It also has an effect on your staff. It will make them feel more professional and part of a team. But, as an employer, you could take this one step further and get input from your staff on how the logo should be designed, what colour the jackets and trousers should be and so on. By involving your employees in the process, you are getting them on-board with you and the company and this creates a sense of belonging and team spirit.