Eye Protection Goggles – The Newest Requirement

The Site Supply Company Limited doesn’t just supply hi vis clothing. We understand that health and safety is far-reaching and that’s why we offer items such as eye protection goggles. We aim to provide great value safety goggles in high quality designs. We also stock a wide range of different goggles and other PPE equipment, so that you are guaranteed to be able to find them – at a reasonable price – no matter what type of project you are carrying out. What’s more, our protective eyewear is manufactured by well-known, specialist brands such as Bolle safety glasses and JSP; and adheres to the strictest safety regulations to ensure that every customer is gaining the best level of protection for themselves or their workforce. You can, for instance, purchase goggles that are scratch resistant to ensure a lasting quality. We sell protective eyewear offering additional safeguarding against liquid and dust, as well as UV protection. There are even a selection of night vision glasses, which come with LED lighting, to guide you comfortably around in the dark. We pay attention to detail like the comfort of the wearer, ensuring that the glasses are produced from flexible materials that do not dig in to the side of the head, as many other brands may do. We also supply eye protection goggles that are lightweight to ensure that they are easy to carry around. Other eye protection available includes glasses and face shields. No matter what you are looking for, we are guaranteed to have it in stock.