What Are The Practical Reasons Behind Using Personalised High Visibility Vests?

Personalised high visibility vests are becoming something of a must-have for numerous reasons. As has already been discussed, hi vis clothing, like jackets and trousers or polo shirts, can be vital to help distinguish different ranks of employees, whilst they can also be used to generate brand identity. High visibility vests, polo shirts, trousers and other garments can be ordered in different colours, such as green, yellow, orange or pink to suit your taste. Some jobs use specific colours. Lifeboat crews use an orange jacket and trouser coverall combination as it shows up better against water. Horse riders can wear pink polo shirts as they show up well against the greens of nature. Additionally you have pre-printed cyclist jackets, which say things like “you’re too close” or “give me room”, buy you can also order them to be printed with your own logo or motif. These logos are used by the likes of cyclists and can be useful as they serve as a warning to drivers not to drive too closely. Some schools are now using personalised high visibility vests when arranging for their pupils to walk to and from school. This enables the children to be identified easily by their parents or teachers. This also makes them more visible to car drivers, thus acting as a protection aid and making their walk to and from school safer – especially as roads are busiest first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.