What Items Do High Visibility Clothing Suppliers Stock?

Over the course of the past ten years, high visibility clothing suppliers have started to provide customers of all ages with clothing, such as hi vis shirts, for increased visibility and overall safety. Schools in particular have taken out initiatives to help make their pupils more visible, as well as the parents or guardians who bring them to school in the morning. This is to reduce the risk and the number of accidents, both large and small, which occur around the school. In the early days, hi vis clothing suppliers would only stock products designed for adults working outdoors, such as security staff or those working on building sites who were required to wear high visibility clothing by law. Today, however, that attitude has changed with people putting far more emphasis on the importance of staying safe both in the workplace and on the way to and from school. High visibility clothing suppliers are now stocking more items than ever before to cater to everyone; young and old, male and female. Construction and maintenance workers were once the whole target market, with people working on building sites, the road and motorway networks and the railways, requiring the clothing to ensure that they stand out to drivers of both cars and trains. But now we see school children and even horse riders wearing this type of clothing.