Hi Vis Workwear: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Hi vis workwear is one of the most widely recognised and widely used garments in the UK today. You will see it draped over the shoulders of professionals from all walks of lives – from our lifesavers such as police officers and fire fighters, to even the likes of parking attendants and delivery workers. The iconic yellow and green fluorescent jacket, with its grey retroreflective stripes, is one of the first things you’ll think of when it comes to safety. It’s as essential on construction sites as a hard hat. But why is it so prominent and how does it work? Generally speaking, hi vis clothing is comprised of two main components: fluorescent and retroreflective material. The fluorescent part of such clothing works by reacting to UV light, allowing for it to be emitted back out to the human eye so that the clothing appears brighter and more noticeable – which is key if working close to machinery or traffic. However, at night-time or in low-level light, fluorescent material isn’t anywhere near as effective. This is where retroreflective material is so important. These stripes, usually around the body and the arms or the legs of fluorescent clothing, are made using small glass balls. When light from a certain angle hits these balls, it is reflected back at the source. To prove how valuable high vis clothing is, an Australian study showed that drivers spotted cyclists wearing high vis vests 90% of the time – compared to just 2% when the cyclist was wearing black clothing. These garments are lifesavers.

Quality Hi Vis Workwear At A Great Price

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