Should Cyclists And Motorcyclists Wear A Printed High Visibility Vest?

Cyclists and motorcyclists are now taking to the road with the aid of a printed high visibility vest for protection. They are wearing yellow vests with the likes of ‘Polite Notice: Think Bike’ or ‘Cyclist: Beware’ emblazoned on the back in large lettering. The police in London have told bikers that they can legally wear this kit for protection. Motorcycle News reported that the Metropolitan police have given permission for both cyclists and motorcyclists to wear the logoed Hi Vis wear to encourage drivers to give them more space on the road. While against the law to impersonate a police officer, a police spokesperson said that because the word ‘police’ doesn’t appear on the high visibility vests, it is perfectly legal to wear them for protection. Wearing a printed high visibility vest ensures that the cyclist or motorcyclist draws the driver’s eye to them in dim conditions. A high vis vest or jacket is also lightweight and not bulky, so it is easy to pack away in a glove compartment when not required and comfortable to wear. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists account for nearly a third of all road fatalities, and with fewer daylight hours in winter months, it is vital that vulnerable riders ensure that they can be easily seen by other road users. Wearing hi vis clothing is a simple and cheap way to ensure that drivers can filter you out from the busy surroundings for that extra bit of protection.