Which Type Of Safety Gloves UK Should You Be Wearing?

Many people assume that health and safety gear is restricted to items like hi vis clothing. In fact, it’s more complex than this. Safety gloves UK, for example, are required to be produced to a European standard (EN388) in order to comply with legal requirements. This is to ensure that they reduce as far as possible a wide variety of dangers in the workplace. Surprisingly, there are over 90 different types of safety gloves UK in production today; so it is vital employers ensure they select the right level of protection for the conditions in which they will be used. For instance, an employee working in a laboratory must wear the correct glove for each of the chemicals they are likely to come into contact with. Safety gloves for these conditions are produced of several layers of material and covered with a highly resistant material, to ensure that acids and other substances cannot come into contact with the skin. As another example, some jobs require workers to wear protective gloves for long periods of time. This can cause skin to become hot and sweaty which, if left untreated, can cause serious skin complaints. As well as identifying the correct glove for the working conditions in question, it’s therefore also important to consider factors such as the period of time that it will be worn. In this case, a glove with a separate cotton inner glove specifically designed to protect the individual’s hand is available. It’s evident that it is essential the right PPE equipment is used for the job in question.