Where Do I Buy Hi Vis Childrens Vests and What is High Visibility Clothing Anyway?

Hi vis clothing seems to be everywhere these days, with people in all kinds of environments wearing hi vis jackets and kids being walked to and from school in hi vis childrens vests. But what is high visibility clothing and where can you buy it along with hi vis childrens vests? Lots of industries, such as construction, maintenance and engineering, give out items of high visibility clothing to their employees as part of health and safety procedures, helping to keep them visible, dry and warm throughout their working days. The bright materials are teamed with reflective strips that attract light from car headlights, the sun and other forms of lighting, so that road users and other people in the area can see there is someone there. This reduces the risk of accidents caused in dim light and harsh weather. The garments can be bought from specialist retailers who value the safety of both children and adults, who are likely to be doing certain jobs or going to places which can be seen as dangerous. Cyclists are often at risk of being hit by other road users because of how small they seem, but by wearing high visibility jackets or vests they reduce that risk. They also have the option of buying accessories like messenger bags that strap onto the side of their bikes and increase the amount of the road they occupy, making them more visible. When they have reflective strips on the side they make themselves even more visible.