The Popularity Of Hi Vis Workwear UK Wide

Despite its industrial beginnings, now even joggers and cyclists can be seen running and riding close to roads and in parks around the UK in brightly-coloured hi vis clothing. On today’s roads, filled with more and more cars, safety is at the paramount of anyone who steps out of the door – not just for those in hazardous occupations. With the proliferation of hi vis workwear UK wide, even schoolchildren are being encouraged to make themselves more visible. In 2011, Kent County Council became the latest authority, amid a long line of other UK councils, to promote the importance to schoolchildren of high visibility gear. There’s a good reason: because this clothing doesn’t just make thousands of workers far safer and more noticeable in busy work environments, it has also dramatically reduced traffic accidents. The 1974 Health and Safety At Work Act and the 1992 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work regulations crystallised the importance of having the right clothing and equipment at work. The highly visible vest is a standard. It means that bosses have to use hi vis workwear UK wide to protect their employees against any potential hazards that result from industrial work. But, as we can see, the success of these garments has seen their popularity boom. Even outside of the UK, motorists in France and Italy are required, by law, to carry a piece of high visibility gear in case their vehicle breaks down. The message is clear: everyone should have hi vis workwear and equipment.