How and Why Have Hi Vis Vests Kids Sales Rocketed?

Over the past decade schools have placed extra importance on road safety around their locations, encouraging drivers to place much more of their focus on those around them and the potential hazards. Children are asked to wear hi vis vests kids when they walk to and from the school each day with their parents and guardians, who are also being asked to wear the hi vis clothing. The moves to improve road safety have come after a number of serious injuries. These incidents involved both those on foot or by bike, after drivers were seen to be driving too quickly or were unable to see the pedestrians due to the weather and road conditions. As mentioned, several schools have been given hi vis vests kids by companies like Specsavers as part of their on-going road safety initiatives. Yet this is not the only action taken, as some councils have also lowered the speed limits in areas to as little as 10 miles per hour to get drivers to slow down and to be more cautious. There have also been calls for drivers to check their tyre treads more frequently to make sure that they have enough grip on the road to stop in an emergency. Now, a high vis vest is at the top of parents’ shopping lists when it comes to choosing school uniforms, which is a positive step towards reducing the number of accidents that occur on our roads.