What are the Benefits of High Visibility Trousers and Jackets?

Retailers today are stocking a wide range of high visibility clothing, such as high visibility trousers and jackets. These are designed to make people stand out in the dark conditions or in areas where there are potentially dangerous situations, such as building sites and quarries. Obviously, increasingly visibility is the key benefit associated with high visibility trousers but there are plenty of others. A high vis vest for example would ensure site visitors are evident when they are walking around a factory, while the trousers and jackets have the potential to stop both fire and water from penetrating the clothing and affecting the person. People working in jobs such as engineering frequently wear high visibility clothing, with one firm in the UK having recently taken this into account with their latest designs for safety wear. The high tech clothing has been designed to make workers on the British railways and London Underground network stand out as far as 1.5 miles in advance. This allows train drivers to see where the workers are sufficiently enough to give the workers time to clear the tracks. Those who have already placed orders have hailed the new clothing as both innovative and highly successful. Normal clothing such as coats, boots and jeans, reduce an individual’s visibility by as much as 70 per cent in wet weather. Rather than using typical reflective strips, as has been the way with all hi vis clothing, the new designs use battery power on top of the reflective materials to enhance the visibility.