How Can You NOT Wear High Visibility Gore-Tex?

Some items of hi vis clothing, workwear and safety equipment are compulsory, others are optional extras, but when it comes to your own safety why would anyone compromise? In some industries workers are provided with high visibility Gore-Tex clothing, which is a form of waterproof fabric that doesn’t let air or water through the material and onto the body of the wearer. This makes it ideal for those working in the outdoors where they are frequently exposed to the elements. High visibility Gore-Tex is arguably one of the best forms of PPE clothing, making it possible for the wearer to be seen, kept warm, kept dry and kept safe from any fires that may break out. Wearing high visibility clothing doesn’t just keep you safe, it also contributes to the safety of your co-workers because if road or rail users can see you they are much more likely to slow down. This can ensure that accidents do not happen. As stated, in many industries, such as maintenance and construction, high vis clothing is actually a legal requirement under health and safety regulations. But, if it’s not a law that your company needs to abide by, this doesn’t mean you should simply ignore it. You can pick up high visibility garments for cheap prices nowadays and thus it certainly won’t put a big dent in your budget. Isn’t the safety of your workers the most important thing? You will reduce accidents and you will also make your employees feel safer and more valued too.