Top Tips for Site Safety Including Equipment and Wearing a Long Sleeve Hi Vis Vest

Building sites are notoriously dangerous places especially for those relatively new to the environment. Most are aware of the risks posed by certain tools and materials, like saws, hammers and bricks. They are also very conscious of the fact that heavy machinery is operating in the area, with diggers and dump trucks in frequent use. What some people are not aware of however, is how dangerous it can be if you are around this machinery and the operator cannot see you. Some quarries and sites are dark and filled with dust. Consequently, a long sleeve hi vis vest would make an incredible amount of difference in ensuring drivers and machine operators see you amongst the dust and debris. A long sleeve hi vis vest would also help a worker to be seen in the event of anything going wrong. For example, if they are caught up in a collapsing wall, the high vis vest would help them to stand out amongst the dirt so that rescuers can get to them quickly and easily. Builders and contractors regularly work early in the mornings and late at night when the light is low, and this is just another reason why hi vis clothing would be an important investment. It will help them to stand out through the dim light and the rain.