High Visibility Vests: Be Seen To Be Safe

High visibility vests substantially increase the visibility and safety of the wearer. A pertinent example of this is the reflective jacket that is worn by everyone from cyclists, to children, to road construction workers. Reflective Vis wear is treated with silvered inks that have small glass globes attached to them. When light is shone onto the surface of the fabric, the balls and ink reflect the light back in a more concentrated form. This process is called retroreflection. A vital safety feature of this is that only people in the line of sight of the light source will see the illuminated fabric, thus ensuring that it will not distract other motorists. Reflective Vis wear, such as a jacket and trousers, should make the wearer more visible while not distracting any oncoming traffic. The other part of this safety jacket or vest is the colourful fluorescent material, which is usually yellow but available in different colours. This material shows up in the daytime, as it reacts with UV light so the hi vis clothing looks brighter. First used by rail workers in Scotland in 1964, this form of clothing has become ubiquitous with the rise of ‘health and safety’ culture in the UK. It is mandatory for jobs such as in the transport and construction industries, and it is swiftly becoming essential for safety conscious people who want to stay visible amongst our increasingly busy roads. It can easily be kept in a glove compartment – so there is no excuse.

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