Protecting From Head Injury With Safety Hard Hats

The head is the only organ in the human body which is totally encased in bone, a testament to nature’s determination to protect one of the body’s most delicate and important organs – the brain. Statistics shows that head injuries account for nine per cent of all injuries sustained by labourers, one of the most vulnerable classes of workers to accidents. PPE equipment therefore also includes mandatory use of protective safety hard hats in certain conditions, which often tend to be forgotten by some employers and employees. Hard hats protect individuals by offering a rigid shell that is highly resistant to damage and deflects blows to the head. Some types have a suspension system inside the hat that acts as a shock absorber; while others serve as an insulator against electrical shocks. There are many different types of hard hats and some have been modified so that you can add face shields, goggles, hi vis clothing such as vests, shirts, and jackets, or hearing protection onto them, where these are necessary. A high number of fatalities have occurred over the years as a result of head injuries in the workplace. Fines and bans have now been put in place to attempt to lower the death rates and keep staff safe in their place of work; and are almost inevitable where the injury has occurred because staff were not wearing the correct safety hard hats. It really is not worth risking compromising on safety, for many reasons.