Are Kids High Visibility Vests A Good Idea?

Safety conscious parents are becoming more enamoured by the idea of providing their children with the high visibility vests for protection while they walk beside, or across, increasingly busy roads. Some companies have even donated high visibility vests and jackets to primary schools and children’s groups recently as part of a road safety protection drive. Nowadays, it seems pretty common for companies to donate kids high visibility vests to primary schools to encourage safety culture. Kent County Council introduced 120 "walking buses" in which children walked together to school dressed in special kids high visibility vests. Road traffic accidents concerning children often happen when oncoming drivers do not see the child until it is too late. It has now become a common thing for parents concerned with protection to buy high visibility jackets as one way of ensuring their kids are seen when crossing the streets. Many reflective jackets and trousers on the market today are creatively designed so children actually want to wear this form of protection. They are fitted with Velcro to allow for easy fitting and grip. They come in sizes such as small for ages 4-6, medium for ages 7-9 and large for ages 10-12 and they also come in bright, attractive colours, such as yellow. Children’s reflective jackets and other suitable hi vis clothing can be personalised with logos, names or designs to ensure that children are both safe and enjoy this protection aid.