The Expanding Range of Hi Visibility Vests and Other Garments

Over the past few decades, schools, local councils and road safety organisations, have teamed up in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents that occur on the roads around the towns, and particularly outside the schools. Items such as hi visibility vests are at the heart of these campaigns. Hi vis clothing is being worn by pupils, their parents, and guardians. Even the teaching staff are wearing hi visibility vests on their way to and from schools to help them be seen by drivers and other road users. This makes drivers more aware of their surroundings, encouraging them to slow down. In turn it reduces the number of accidents involving children who are on their way to and from school each day. The high vis vest is a part of an ever increasing range of clothing on sale to people of all ages, helping them to become more visible in whatever surroundings they find themselves in. Areas around schools, construction sites, and road and rail networks are proving to be the most common places for hi vis garments because of the high risk of accidents occurring. In the majority of cases these accidents are down to the poor light conditions with the weather making it hard to spot workers on the motorways and railway lines, and the amount of dust around making it hard to see builders on a site. By wearing something from the range of clothing, whether it’s a high visibility jackets or pair of trousers, you make yourself more visible and safer in the process.