Hi Vis Work Jackets And The Law

Keeping workers safe from hazards is not just a moral obligation that you will feel if your duty is to uphold but, as aforementioned, it is a requirement of the law. We can look to examples, even outside of hazardous industry, to understand why hi vis workwear clothing are so important in the eyes of the law. In 2009, a teenage girl by the name of Bethany Probert was hit by a car as she walked home by the side of a country road in darkness – without any hi vis work jackets or any other hi vis clothing. Despite the High Court Judge ordering the insurance company to pay out, he also said that a key consideration in his decision had been whether Bethany should have been wearing such a jacket or not. The insurance company appealed and, while they were unable to overturn the decision, they successfully negotiated with the parents so that they did not have to pay the full compensation. The parents of Bethany were left having to fill a massive gap in compensation with their own money for fear that they would lose in court. The case should be a lesson to employers who are considering cutting corners for safety – it is clear that in any compensation battle, judges will consider if you are using hi vis work jackets individually or as a company and this could play a decisive role in any legal fees you come up against. You can’t put a price on safety.