The Risk Of Not Wearing A Hi Vis Shirt

There really is no getting away from the fact that hi vis clothing is now an essential for a whole host of people. To truly understand the worth of a hi vis shirts, you need to consider what could happen if you or one of your employees was not wearing one. Imagine someone was driving a vehicle or operating a machine and they did not see another worker nearby because he or she was not wearing a hi vis shirt. This could result in violent contact, which can end up being fatal in some instances. Quite apart from the trauma involved, there are of course legal consequences to such an accident. One small garment can really be the difference between life and death. This is also the case when it comes to cyclists and other road users. Did you know that on average a driver can see an individual wearing high visibility clothing three seconds before a person without? This equates to approximately 100 metres and thus it can certainly make all of the difference. Once you purchase your hi vis shirts you should make sure you always wear it for work, especially when at workshops, on construction sites and at client sites. Always keep your vest in your car. You never know when you could need it. Let’s say your vehicle breaks down in the night – your hi vis vest will come in exceptionally beneficial then. From jogging to the workplace, this garment type has benefits in many circumstances.