Children Advised To Wear High Visibility Shirts

If you weren’t convinced about the value of high visibility shirts, all you need to do is look at the police’s push to encourage children to wear hi vis clothing. In Norwich, children have been warned that if they do not wear hi vis shirts or other types of reflective safety gear when it is dark, then they will be told to get off their bike and walk. At present there is actually no legal requirement for high visibility shirts to be worn on the roads by cyclists, pedestrians and so on, no matter what their age is. However, this type of clothing has long been championed as the best way to remain safe especially when cycling, and most of all during the evening. In the UK it becomes dark very early in the winter and therefore police want to ensure children are protected at all times. This could mean wearing visibility clothing in the afternoon hours if necessary. It is also anticipated that in future, parents and carers will be contacted to inform them that their child was not wearing any safety clothing and therefore they were putting themselves at risk. Some people may see this as an unnecessary intervention or a nuisance. However, what price can you put on a child’s life? Hi visibility clothing is proven to increase safety levels, especially on the roads. You can pick them up for a cheap price and thus there certainly is no reason why children should not be protecting themselves when cycling.