Why Do People Wear Hi Vis Bomber Jackets?

Over the past few years, people working in a wide variety of industries will have witnessed changes to their health and safety policies. This ranges from an increased number of signatures required on certain tasks, to compulsory clothing that must be worn when working either outdoors or in environments around machinery and vehicles. Hi vis bomber jackets and trousers are particularly common, especially on and around building sites where vision is regularly compromised through either the light, weather or general working conditions, such as dust. These garments are worn to keep workers visible to vehicle operators and also to their colleagues so that they can be as safe as possible at all times. Cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders also frequently wear hi vis clothing so that they can be seen while out on the roads. This makes their journeys much safer for all concerned by alerting road users to their presence, so that they have sufficient time to slow down and react accordingly. On the motorways, workers are regularly wearing hi vis bomber jackets while either putting out cones to shut lanes ahead of any roadwork that is about to take place or while actually performing the maintenance on the roads. In harsh weather conditions, workers on the roads are hard to spot. But by wearing high visibility jackets, they improve their visibility by as much as 75 per cent in some cases, making for a much safer working environment for them and their colleagues. It also alerts drivers to hazards that may arise from the roadwork.