Is UK Safety Footwear Compulsory On The Road?

You may not be aware, but UK safety footwear and high-vis wear are due to be made compulsory for cyclists. The Ministry of Transport is taking into consideration a recommendation from a local coroner, Ian Smith, to at least make hi-vis apparel a requirement. This has been in discussion since an accident in 2008, when a national road policing manager was killed by a truck that knocked him off his bike while he was riding home. At night time or in severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and storms, drivers of motorised vehicles of all types, particularly large trucks and wagons, are often unable to see cyclists. This was the case in the 2008 accident. It is certainly better, if you are cycling in conditions of low visibility, to ensure you wear a hi vis vest or other type of hi vis clothing that stands out to help you be seen by other cyclists and vehicle drivers. Whilst not compulsory, safety footwear UK product is also important. By wearing the right type of boots or shoes, you can increase your control over the bike and keep warm and comfortable during long rides, especially when you are riding in inclement weather conditions. The same applies for motorcycle riders. Employing the use of the right type of UK safety footwear or hi vis clothes will help to maximise your safety on the roads and motorways and keep you warm and dry during your journey. After all, you are not nearly as protected when cycling as you are when in an enclosed vehicle.