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Wearing the right gloves

Right now is a challenging and unpredictable time in the UK as we all become more aware and conscious of the germs and bacteria that can easily accumulate around us and protecting yourself and your loved ones has never been more important.

Disposable gloves are some of the most commonly used safety products in the world and are used in numerous industries, including the healthcare sector, cleaning sector and waste management sector. These gloves are worn to provide a protective shield against cross-contamination and provide great hand protection when handling various objects.

Disposable gloves can come in a variety of materials, with the options to choose from powdered gloves or unpowdered gloves to make them the most suitable option for you. As there is a range of disposable glove options out there, we want to narrow down the overwhelming choice and help you find the perfect pair for you.

At Hivis we stock disposable gloves in a couple of different categories, so let’s unfold what these are and find a match made for you.

Economy range

Our economy range of disposable gloves is the most superior value for money option. They are perfect for the majority of work and chores around the home. They offer a smooth glove surface in textured coatings and can be purchased in bulk for added convenience.

Hivis economy range offers gloves in a natural rubber coated palm, with a knitted area on the back of the glove to offer extra breathing room and added comfort. Perfect for the warmer months ahead.

A great option is our multi-purpose latex glove, which is designed for added grip and lifting of heavier objects, which you can view here.

ATG Gloves

Our range of ATG gloves is a trusted brand which is known for producing the highest of quality gloves that are ideal for a wide range of situations and environments. The range offers gloves that are protected against oil, cuts, and are designed to last longer than a standard disposable rubber glove.

Comfort and dexterity are the two key factors that have gone into the crafting of these strong gloves. Certain ATG gloves have also been designed to keep your hands free from sweat if you wear them for a long period of time. We are a fan of the Maxiflex Endurance glove which are developed as a breathable glove. This style of glove is the Holy Grail for precision lifting, they reduce hand fatigue and have minimal palm thickness to ensure that you can lift with strength. View our range of ATG gloves here.


We are also proud to stock a range of disposable options which come in clear plastic materials and washable options. Our disposable glove range is ideal for dispensing and disposing of gloves. They are perfect for use in work environments, or public spaces such as public bathrooms.

Delta Plus Range

Delta Plus range of gloves offers protection against mechanical risks, they are the perfect solution to keeping your hands free from cuts, tears and abrasions. This range features benefits such as coated palms and fingers for added grip making them the perfect addition to DIY projects. We are a fan of the Seamless Polyamide Spandex Knitted gloves. This option comes in a spandex material for flexibility, as well as nitrile dots on the palm for improved lifting. They are also oil-resistant and provide excellent mechanical performance.

We hope we have helped to break down the range of various gloves available at Hivis.

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Written by Beccayellow at 11/02/2021

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