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How to Keep Warmer When Working in the Winter

Working in the construction industry or other outdoor-based work in the UK is not much fun in winter when temperatures can plummet and torrential rain, gale-force winds and snow or hail showers regularly show up unannounced. Unfortunately, we can’t head to the café for the whole winter, so we just have to get on with it but having the right workwear will make it a lot more comfortable and there are other ways you can stay warmer and dryer.


Here are some tips for keeping warm working through the winter:


Have a good breakfast and lunch

If you are working outdoors in the bad weather, having a good hearty breakfast and lunch will provide you with the calories that can help raise your body temperature. Specific foods that are effective at keeping your body warmer include bananas, lean meats and complex carbs such as potatoes.

Plan your day around the weather forecast

If there is a weather warning such as a heavy downpour or high-speed winds at one point in the day, try to plan your lunchbreak to avoid working in it. Checking the weather forecast on a phone app each morning should help you to make some timing changes to protect yourself from the harsher weather.

Protect your hands, feet, neck and head

The areas that will get the worst of the weather will usually be your hands, feet, neck and head, so it is really important to keep these areas well protected with appropriate clothing. High-quality gloves such as the Apollon winter glove will keep your hands protected, whilst a scarf or snood should be worn around your neck. For a full range of winter essentials workwear, visit this page.

Wear at least three layers

To keep as warm as possible, you need to have at least three layers and your base layer of clothing should be moisture wicking so if you do get wet, the moisture gets wicked away from your body, so it won’t make you colder. Also, make sure that you have waterproofs close by and ready to put on as soon as the rain starts.

Keep moving

One of the best ways to keep your body temperature up whilst outside in the cold weather is to stay as mobile as possible so that your body is generating heat through moving. Whilst a lot of work generally will involve lots of movement naturally, if you are working on a more static type of work, try and have short breaks to walk around a bit to warm up.

Take hot drinks to work

Having regular hot drinks and soup will also help to keep you warm, so invest in a good thermos flask that will keep your hot drinks and soup piping hot all day, ready for when you need a quick drink to heat you up.


These tips should help you to stay that bit warmer in winter, reducing the chances of illness and injury and making working outdoors that little less painful. For high-quality winter workwear, has everything you need to stay protected.

Written by Serenyellow at 21/02/2020

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